Joe Smith - Climate Change in the Media: The greatest story never told?

2 Feb 2017

Climate Change in the Media: The greatest story never told?

Thursday 2nd February 2017, 6:00 - 7:15pm
Large Lecture Theatre, Department of Geography

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity, and at the same time a story that the mainstream media seem to have little appetite for. What is going wrong, and who is responsible? Joe will draw on twenty years of experience of research but also practical projects at the join between media decision-making and environmental research and policy to sketch out some answers. He will explore the roles of media organisations, environmental NGOs, the research and policy communities and audiences/citizens/publics (us!) in constructing climate change as a 'difficult story'. Joe will also test and invite ideas about how we can all play a part in devising new storylines - above all some hopeful ones.

Joe Smith is Professor of Environment and Society in The Open University's Geography Department. He writes mostly about environmental history, policy and politics. Joe also runs seminars that bring together environment specialists and senior media decision-makers, and has consulted on over 30 hours of BBC broadcasting. He leads two AHRC funded projects: 'Earth in Vision' (50 years of environment in broadcasting) and 'Stories of Change' (opening up the public conversation about energy transitions).